Today, the independent family-run company Gollmer & Hummel is a global player in the production of flexible layflat hoses for numerous industries and applications. For the past 150 years – and now in our 5th generation.

The foundation was laid by master rope-maker Friedrich Gollmer in Neuenbürg in 1872 – with a handloom. In 1891, Albert Hummel  came on board as the financial backer – and the name Gollmer & Hummel was born!

Since then, Gollmer & Hummel have brilliantly mastered highs and lows both on the world stage and in their personal lives with pioneering spiritcreative strength and the right instinct. 

Product we supply

Progress Supply

Application for

• Refineries and chemical industry
• Military, civil defence, industrial and municipal fire brigades
• Water supply for major fires or large-scale emergencies
• Supply hose for large quantities of water over long distances
• Flood disaster prevention

Hicoflex PU

Applicatio for

• Construction, industry, waste disposal
• Agriculture and mining
• Transport of abrasive materials
• Irrigation and liquid manure distribution
• For heavy duty appilcations

Progress UL

• Refineries
• Chemical industry
• Military
• Airport fire services
• Industrial and municipal fire brigades
• Fire hose for tough conditions