Sapin is the largest Italian manufacturer of fire prevention pipes and one of the leading manufacturers in the European field .
Sapin production includes single and double braiding pipes, in AT polyester fabric with flat or diagonal weave, with natural and / or synthetic internal gumming resistant to ozone, oil, food, with external plasticization in polyurethane, nitrile, polychlorinated vinyl and rubber coatings with anti-abrasion profiles, offering a complete range of fire hoses and industrial pipes for all applications where a light, handy and space-saving piping is required (compressed air, irrigation, artificial snow, submersible pumps, decanting, petrochemicals, flyboards and hoverboard).

Working pressure up to 6.0 MPa (60 bar).
Burst pressure up to 15.0 MPa (150 bar).
Nominal diameters from 3/4 “to 12” and lengths up to 1,000 meters.

All hoses can be supplied already connected according to the main standards (UNI, BS, Storz, Afnor, Cam Lock, Gost, etc.).
From 1 July 2013, in accordance with the European regulation n. 305/2011, Sapin has further implemented the available products and can present more than 300 types of wall hydrants compliant with the UNI EN 671/2 standard and more than 200 fire hoses compliant with the UNI EN 671/1 CE marked, suitable for every need and need.
Our continuous commitment to the development of new products, our attention to the growing expansion of the laws, both in Italy and in Europe, are a further guarantee of the quality of our products.
Sapin also produces and markets a wide range of items for firefighting use such as lances, hose reels, hydrants, boxes, dividers.