POK Firefighting Equipment

Founded in 1976, POK® has built its brand worldwide on its know-how and the quality of its products. POK is now one of the most established and recognized European manufacturer in firefighting equipment. Over the last 40 years, our teams have shown their commitment to product innovation, quality of service and customer satisfaction with the sole purpose to provide the tools and solutions to the firefighters who are saving lives.

POK has full end-to-end control of its product lifecycle: Design, Transformation, Assembly, Testing, Storing and Shipping. Each production process is being supported by a strong collaborative approach between our technical and service teams to manufacture a wide range of products to the highest standards (cf. Certifications) without compromising on “tailor-made” products designed to meet specific customer needs.

Within POK’s product development department, 10 highly skilled-engineers work continuously to bring new prototypes onto the market.

Each year, over one hundred new products are integrated into the existing catalogue offering over 4,000 items ranging from hand nozzles, motorized monitors, hose reels, foam equipment, towable units but also a wide selection of coupling…etc.

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