R-B Pump

R-B Pump, Inc., the nation’s full-range fire pump manufacturer, announces the first entire fire pump line designed from inception to serve the fire protection market.  Freed from existing designs intended for other markets, R-B fire pumps have been designed specifically as fire

pumps.  R-B Pump, Inc., provides dependable, modern, highly efficient, and practical designs needed for the industry today, all from its own foundry in the U.S.A. There are four types of FM fire pumps that R-B Pump offers:  the ANSI End Suction, Inline, Vertical Turbine, and Split-Case design.  These pumps are intended for fire service, even though they can be used in other applications as well.  Each design offers unique advantages for their respective applications.  The End-Suction and Inline pumps, by current definition, are applied for rated capacities up to 750 GPM.  The Horizontal Split-Case type units and Vertical Turbine pumps are applied for rated flows of 250 GPM to 5000 GPM as per NFPA-20.  However, we have FM listed pumps in higher capacities.